June 20, 2023

The hydrogen start-up event of the year

Currently in full swing!

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Welcome to the HYDROVERSE CONVENTION, where we bring together start-ups and experts from the European hydrogen industry to share their insights, ideas and experiences. Hosted twice a year by H2UB, a matchmaker and hydrogen accelerator, this event takes you to the forefront of hydrogen innovation.

The HYDROVERSE CONVENTION provides a central stage for rising European start-ups in the industry to shine, while also offering innovators, companies and investors an opportunity to exchange ideas and network.

Discover, learn and connect with the HYDROVERSE community. Don’t miss out!



Get ready to dive into a lineup of hands-on pitches, thought-provoking panels and inspiring networking sessions! We designed the program to make a dynamic and engaging experience possible – for participants of all backgrounds and interests.

Our program also includes a dedicated networking area. Whether you’re looking to build new partnerships, explore business opportunities or simply expand your network – don’t miss out on the chance to connect and engage with fellow professionals!


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Opening speech

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Keynote: Empowering European Manufacturers for Green Hydrogen Success

Speaker: Philipp Offenberg
Senior Manager Europe, Breakthrough Energy

Making hydrogen happen: How to catalyze and fuel change

Panelists: Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (Hydrogen Europe), Dr. Stefan Kaufmann (Hydrogen Executive Advisor to the Thyssenkrupp Board), Cecilia Papini (SNAM)

Pitch Session #1

With pitches from Arthur Bus, Boson Energy, Carnot, Fast Sense, HTM, PMR Tech

Networking break

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Pitch Session #2

With pitches from CENmat, CibusCell, JOLT, Point Twelve Energy, Turn Energy, xemX

Building a thriving H2 economy in Europe: Ways to foster talent and encourage growth

Panelists: Paulina Jänsch (Leanox Impact Capital), Dr. Wiebke Lüke (WEW GmbH), Dr. Gokce Mete (South Pole), Mona Neubaur (Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia)

Pitch Ceremony

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Networking Party

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Meet our start-ups

A wide range of European Hydrogen Start-ups will give you unique insights into their business ideas and will discuss current H2 challenges with you. 

Among the already confirmed participants are:

1s1 Energy

H2 Production / Electrolysis


H2 Production


On stage


Industrial Solutions

BluePlasma Power

H2 Production / Gasification

Boson Energy

H2 Production / Gasification
On stage

Carnot Engines

On stage


H2 Production / Electrolysis
On stage


Digital Solutions
On stage

Fast Sense

Industrial Solutions
On stage

Green HT

H2 Production / Gasification


H2 Production / Air Capture


H2 Production / E-TAC


H2 Production / Gasification


Industrial Solutions


On stage


Industrial Solutions


H2 Production / Electrolysis

JOLT Solutions

H2 Production / Materials
On stage

PMR Tech

Industrial Solutions
On stage

Point Twelve

Digital Solutions
On stage



Southern Lights

Digital Solutions / SaaS

Turn Energy

H2 Production / Gasification
On stage


H2 Production / Electrolysis


H2 Production / Materials
On stage


H2 Production / Materials
On stage



Our speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds, including academia, industry, and government. They will provide a diverse and comprehensive perspective on the latest developments of hydrogen technology and innovation. Join us as we explore the opportunities and challenges of the future of hydrogen together.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

Hydrogen Europe

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis has been working at Hydrogen Europe since 2016. He currently holds the position of CEO. He previously covered roles in the planning department of the Foreign Office of Germany, at Infineon Technologies and was Member of the European Parliament (2004-2014) inter alia in the ITRE Committee (Industry, Technology, Research and Energy) where he could contribute to lay the cornerstone for the first and the second Joint Undertaking on hydrogen and fuel cells. He was awarded Hydrogen Person of the Year at the World Hydrogen Awards 2022.

Paulina Jänsch

Leanox Impact Capital

Paulina Jänsch is founder and partner of the Essen-based venture capital fund Leanox Impact Capital. She is a financial expert in the field of sustainable investments and advises family offices, universities, foundations, startup associations and incubators.

Paulina is an active advocate for female empowerment and stands out for her inclusive and empathetic leadership style. Her goal is to attract more women as business angels and to achieve more parity in the start-up scene.

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann

Hydrogen Executive Adviser to the thyssenkrupp Board

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann served as Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen at the German Ministry of Education and Research from June 2020 to July 2022. In this position, he was a regular guest at the State Secretaries’ Committee for Hydrogen of the Participating Ministries as well as the National Hydrogen Council.

Since August 2022 he is working as a Senior Adviser. In one of his main mandates he is adviser to the thyssenkrupp board regarding all cross-business hydrogen activities and projects and represent the company nationally and internationally in all matters related to hydrogen.

Dr. Wiebke Lüke


Wiebke Lüke is founder and managing director of WEW GmbH, an electrolysis start-up, where she is responsible for Development, Marketing and Funding. Wiebke studied chemistry and completed her PhD in fuel cell technology .

Following her doctorate, she was Head of Department at Forschungszentrum Jülich and Head of the Carbon2Chem project at Thyssenkrupp AG. In 2020, Wiebke founded WEW together with her two business partners.

Dr. Gokce Mete

Hydrogen for Net Zero Initiative

Dr. Gokce Mete is Senior Expert in heavy industry transition and low-carbon hydrogen at South Pole and leads the Hydrogen for Net Zero Initiative (H2NZ). She also leads the policy and advocacy efforts of South Pole in the low-carbon hydrogen space and is responsible for developing hydrogen business opportunities.

Gokce is co-founder of the Women in Green Hydrogen Network, author of over 30 publications, and has over a decade of policy and regulatory analysis, public affairs, project development and stakeholder management experience.

Mona Neubaur

Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Mona Neubaur was born on 1 July 1977 in Pöttmes, Bavaria. On 30 June 2022, she was appointed Deputy Premier and Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Photo credit: ©MWIKE NRW/Nils Leon Brauer

Philipp Offenberg

Breakthrough Energy

Philipp Offenberg has spent several years building up expertise in the field of energy, climate action, and sustainability, while working in high-level public policy positions. He serves as Senior Manager on the Breakthrough Energy Europe team, where he is responsible for BE Europe’s EU-level policy engagement and Germany strategy.

Between 2016-2019, Philipp worked as an Advisor on energy and climate policy in the strategy department of former European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker. 

Dr. Cecilia Papini


Dr. Cecilia Papini is Manager of Decarbonization Technology Solutions at Snam and currently leads the HyAccelerator program, Snam’s corporate accelerator focusing on hydrogen and decarbonization start-ups.

Previously she obtained a PhD in Chemistry from Sorbonne University working on enzymatic systems for hydrogen production and worked as a Strategy Consultant.



Our venue in Essen

The HYDROVERSE CONVENTION #Summer will take place on June 20, 2023 at the Colosseum Theater.

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Colosseum Theater

Altendorfer Str. 1
45127 Essen

The Colosseum Theater is easily accessible by public transport (Berliner Platz station) – including various lines of the subway (U11, U17, U18), tram (101, 103, 105, 106, 109) and bus lines.

To protect the environment, we recommend using public transportation to get to the venue. If you arrive by car, we suggest using the nearby parking space at Nordhofstraße. A day ticket costs 4 Euro.

Address for navigation:
Nordhofstraße Westviertel 45127 Essen

We recommend that you book your accommodation in good time for the HYDROVERSE CONVENTION on June 20, 2023. The following hotels are in walking distance to the Colosseum Theater Essen.

Motel One Essen
Phone: +49 (201) 437 537-0
E-Mail: essen@motel-one.com
Distance to venue: 0,9 km

Flowers Hotel Essen
Frohnhauser Straße 55
45127 Essen
Distance to venue: 0,3 km

Holiday Inn Essen City Center
Frohnhauser Straße 6
45127 Essen
Distance to venue: 0,3 km

B&B Hotel Essen
Helmut-Käutner-Straße 4
45127 Essen
Distance to venue: 0,4 km

Boutique Essen City
Hoffnungsstraße 19
45127 Essen
Distance to venue: 0,5 km



Book your free ticket

Tickets to our HYDROVERSE CONVENTION are available via Eventbrite. Attendance at our event is free of charge, but booking a ticket is mandatory. We look forward to seeing you soon in Essen!

Even though the ticket is free of charge, we kindly request that you inform Carolin Nickel (carolin.nickel@h2ub.com) or send your cancellation via Eventbrite in case you are unable to attend. This helps us to plan more sustainably. Your cooperation is appreciated.




H2UB connects start-ups with companies, universities, research institutes and investors. We create synergies that accelerate the development of the hydrogen market in Europe.

Twice a year, we present our main event – the HYDROVERSE CONVENTION – where we take you to the HYDROVERSE. Here, everybody comes together – start-ups, innovators, companies, investors.

The HYDROVERSE CONVENTION is the hydrogen start-up event of the year. If you are into hydrogen innovation, don’t miss it!

Read more about the H2UB, our start-up programs and community events on our website:




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HYDROVERSE CONVENTION #Summer 2023 brings more than 300 visitors from the hydrogen industry to Essen

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Press & Media Information

FAQ – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, press representatives can be accredited for free for the HYDROVERSE CONVENTION #Summer 2023. Please book your ticket here and select ‘Press / Media’ in the “I am” field.

No, a press card is not necessary for accreditation.

No, there is no limit to the number of press tickets available. We can provide press tickets to all interested media representatives.

Just come to our registration desk, check in with your name, and you will receive a press badge.

We are happy to facilitate interviews with your desired interview partners. Please submit your interview request to Marina Scheider, PR & Communications (marina.scheider@h2ub.com). Once we have received all the necessary details, we will notify the requested speaker and provide them with your contact information so they can reach out to you directly.

Yes, we provide a dedicated business area on-site for accredited press representatives to conduct interviews.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, requests or suggestions.

Marina Scheider

PR & Communications